2012 Independent Spirit Awards Red Carpet Best Dressed

So on the same weekend as the Oscars, there is always a somewhat more casual affair, recognising the casts and crew of the best movies of the year. It is an event called the Independent Spirit Awards and it is held near the beach in Malibu, reflecting the somewhat more relaxed nature of the shindig. The only problem with this is that it leaves the guests wondering how to pitch their outfits. And this year was no different, with a hodge podge of looks that made for a hard-to-watch red carpet. Even Jessica Chastain got it wrong. But there were a few ladies that got it right. Starting with a jumpsuit. In bright pink. You know how I love a jumpsuit. So thank you Kate Beckinsale.
Also looking awesome was Michelle Williams who wore a mini tuxedo and looked serious levels of adorable even for her, who usually looks adorable, right?
Then I know it is a bit contentious, but I loved Busy Phillips' vintage sherbet blue dress with collar. And Kirsten Dunst's little dress and jacket - due to the Miu Miu shoes of course, and the smiley Elizabeth Olsen, who looked exquisite and set the tone for how a lady should dress. But I still loved the pink jumpsuit most. Soz.

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