2012 Grammy Awards Red Carpet: Almost But Not Quite Dressed

You can't really do a 'worst dressed' list at the Grammy Awards red carpet. I mean, the crazy will always be the crazy. Not bad, just crazy. So on a really good overall night for Grammy style, I have put together an 'Almost But Not Quite Best Dressed' list for you. Not for those ladies that went full cray (Minaj, I am talking to you. Also my namesake Robyn: WTF), but for the ladies who made a good effort but didn't quite get it right. Starting with a personal fave, Jessie J in Julian McDonald silver disco ball. Stunning for her, but a little on the tacky side. Fergie also had a slight miss in her Jean Paul Gautier couture dress in tangerine lace. Amazing frock. Just a nude slip would have saved it for her. Not that I mind the knickers on show, I just think it could have been a stunner rather than a side show. And little Katy Perry in her sherbet sweet blue Elie Saab dress looking as pretty as a picture, if you cover her growing out blue hair. No, lady. Just no. Look beautiful or look caricature. Not both at the same time. See? Ok.
And then there was the posse in black and gold. Rihanna in Armani looking skinny and washed out. TRYING TOO HARD comes to mind. Gwyneth Paltrow went exactly the same style route but managed it a bit better, as did Alicia Keys. Nice. Appropriate. Not exciting though. So cool, thanks for the effort. Better luck next time.
What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree? Who could have done better? Let me know.
PS: Click on pictures to make them bigger for full inspection

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