Weekend Rewind - The Sizzling Hot Edition

Usually the lovely Multiple Mum hosts the Weekend Rewind - but this week I'm kicking back, pouring you all peppermint martinis and inviting you to rewind back in time with me. How do you do that you may well ask? Well, first I offer you a theme.

Yes, this week's theme is cooking. Now, admit it. We all do it or at least try to. We've read books about it, we've watched TV programs about it and many of us are obsessed with it. It should come naturally, as it was to our cavemen ancestors who did it effortlessly, club in hand and buffalo in the other, but alas, some of us have trouble reaching the peaks of perfection the Martha Stewarts and Nigellas seem to achieve so easily. Alas, if you are not Bear Grylls and don't enjoy biting the head off live fish then you will at some point have tried to cook. Some of you may be very good at it. Some of you may be the types who burn water. But whatever your skill level, let's rewind to a fabulous cooking post that you want to share with the rest of us.

So look through your blog archives and link up a cooking post for some new comment love. The rules are the same as always - link up, comment to your heart's content, and use the power of social networking to spread the love to others. Simple? You bet. You also need to become my friend if we are not already acquainted. There is an official Weekend Rewind button up there at the top of this post that you can pop on your post/blog should you wish to.

Oh and here's one to get you giggling... me impersonating celeb cook Paula Deen: Take That Y'all

Now show me yours:


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