Trend Alert: Leather Trousers

So it all began, as dubious trends often do, with Sharon Stone. I saw her in leather trousers. And I gasped. I mean this chick is in her 60s and she paired them with leopard print. It was yet another validation of the existence of the Sharon Stone Express - the fastest track to the style purgatory for those who are mutton dressed as lamb. And yet, I actually thought she looked great. I tussled with this condundrum. As I was tussling, so to speak, I caught a glimpse of the glorious Rosie Huntington Whiteley. Also in leather trousers. Also styled with a dose of leopard print. And something whispered 'trend' to me. Next thing you know, there is the pinacle of retrained style, Kate Beckinsale, also in leather trousers, and the trend came alive. A Frankenstein one for sure, but a trend never-the-less. Leather pants, gang. This winter we will all be wearing them. Whether we should or not. Not only that, but it has already started to diffuse. This weekend Alexa Chung, hipster trend setter, was wearing leather shorts, the next stage of the leather style evolution. Noted, people, noted. But I think for everyone's sake, I may forego this trend. But you guys need to carefully consider it. It is a trend for sure. Over to you.

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