Taylor Swift Covers US Vogue February 2012

Actually, if you have followed her for a while, you will know, like I do, that Taylor Swift has great style. Look, I am no country music fan. Nor do I have a yen for teenage girl heart-break songs. But as a young woman in the media spotlight, I have tracked her style. And it really is pretty good. So I am not that surprised that she has landed the cover of Anna Wintour's Vogue for the month of February.

And as much as I like the cover, I feel that the styling of the inside spread is actually a bit of a let down. It doesn't reflect anything of Taylor's own style in the images below, which is a trick missed.
It's kind of a boho version of what a fashion person thinks that a young country star should look like, rather than what it is in reality, which is actually quite interesting as Taylor plays with vintage, differest eras and styles in a much more modern way. This is all a but costumy in my opinion.
But no matter about this, it does mean that Taylor is on the higher grade fashion radar and I am looking forward to quietly following her style development over the next few years. I'll keep you guys all posted.

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