Public Slimdowns

Reality Check: You don't have to be a portion control freak to lose weight

The problem with announcing to your pals or the blogosphere that you are planning to lose weight is that you get a lot of stuff about how women shouldn't strive to be a size zero and all that gumpf. But when you say you want to lose weight mainly for health not vanity no one wants to hear it. So I just kept it buttoned and lost the weight. The fact is that I was overweight and now since I have lost fifteen pounds I feel a lot better and I am certainly nowhere near fitting into Posh's jeans. But the upside of doing it is truly amazing!! I have a lot of energy. Let's face it we are not meant to be lugging around fat. Sure I feel better because I can wear smaller sizes but the benefit is mainly, my complexion is much better and I just feel so much healthier. For me it was a case of getting out of the cycle of emotional eating. Yes I would feel better after quaffing a large mochachino with whipped cream but then an hour later I'd feel bad again, so what was the point? In the end I did it via diet plan Diet to Go and hope they will pick me to be their spokesperson!!

So I applaud celebrities who are slimming down in public - I mean can you think of anything more humilitating? I think most of them are doing it for their health and none of them seem to have gone too far. These are two ladies I am applauding:

Good for you Nigella! I'm sure she feels so much better now she has gone from a size 18 to a 12. According to reports, she lost the weight on the Clean and Lean plan.

Dawn French also recently shed four stone simply by "eating less and walking more." Dawn French also once said: “There are two types of women: the ones who like chocolate and complete bitches.” And I certainly hear you on this Dawn. But I have learnt that you don't have to have a huge bar of chocolate every day ... just on special occasions!

And if you can't afford pricey diet foods why not just join in with the twitter diet. Yes by following @laughitoff on twitter you join a supportive gang of dieting twitterers who will help you on your merry way!

Today I'm over on the Cocktails's Blog writing about The Perils of Petting - can your pets teach your kids vital life lessons like the facts of life? Do pop over and add your ten cents)


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