A great tasting, natural mouth spray that helps reduce excessive feelings of hunger Helps reduce appetite, putting you in control of what you eat Helps you lose more weight than dieting alone Gives you freedom from excessive hunger cravings Helps you feel fuller and more satisfied naturally A revolutionary new effective and natural slimming aid. FULLfast helps to increase feelings of fullness and satiety to help you eat less. It comes as a great tasting, natural mouth spray which you use 5 times a day. 

FULLfast spray contains a proprietary botanical micro-blend called Hydroxytonin Complex, a powerful source of the nutrients your body needs to produce serotonin. Serotonin works naturally with your body and brain to help reduce excess hunger putting you in control of your appetite. In a double-blind, placebo controlled clinical study published in the International Journal of Obesity, Sept. 2009, female study participants following a weight loss program used 3 sprays of Fullfast under the tongue 5 times a day. Around the 5th day, they started to feel less hungry when compared to placebo group.

Fullfast is now available Online at Celebrity Skin.

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