Michelle Obama in Barbara Tfank at State of the Union Address

I love that Michelle Obama has made such a determined effort to stay true to her own style over the course of her stay at the White House. She revolutionised through style. She deflected criticism through keeping it real. She shone when she needed to. And through it all her style has always been deeply personal. A pin here from her husband. A belt there that she loved. And so it was at one of the toughest parts of Barak Obama's reign as president, she donned an electric blue dress by favoured designer Barbara Tfank, and pinned a beautiful brooch to it. Because that it was she does. Stunning.
But then Mrs O has been looking particularly good of late. At the BET Awards in J.Mendel. At the MLK shenanigans and at the Baseball thingamajig. Great outfit, after great outfit. All very 'her' in the consistency of the cardigan (this beaded one by L'Wren Scott), the brooch, the getting those arms out, the bright and bold colour. I would be very, very sad to see Obama go at the next election. For a million reasons. Not least of which, his wife's style. What do you think?

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