Lana de Rey. In London. On Complex Cover.

So the latest singing sensation, Lana del Rey, is in London town at the moment. Adopting the habits of the natives, she was forced to apologise on air yesterday as she used the term f**king hell. Really? I guess the BBC still can't be real. But the backlash has begun, as one can  imagine is inevitable. Aside from the whole 'authenticity' debate, peeps are not keen on her off-duty vibe. I'm not sure I am either to be fair. Wet look jeans and high tops? Not very sexy.
But the dress she wore on Saturday Night Live was stunning and she looked amazing. Pity then that the performance was baa-aa-aad. It was all over the twitter machine. I feel so sorry for the girl. Give her a chance guys! She is not going to be Adele or Amy or even Duffy. She is going to be her and it is going to take some time. Or not. But the album is due out any moment now and it is going to sell. And she generally looks good.
I mean check out the new cover of Complex magazine. Awesome. Love the dress and the styling. What about you guys? Yay or nay? Go.

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