Florence Welch's Vintage Swimwear Style

Florence Welch, of the brilliant Florence and the Machine, is off on her holidays somewhere hot and sunny where there is a waterfall and people frolicking. And she is wearing a stunning vintage style bikini and a turban. Yes, a turban. I love a turban.
Clearly keeping her perfect skin out of the sun, she danced in the waterfall and somehow kept her lipstick intact. It was almost like a styled photo shoot, it was so perfect.
And then she changed into a series of delightful silk kaftans. Both of which I would very much like to have myself. Look at the feathered fringing on the black. Check out her velvet slippers with the white/colour blocked. I am so incredibly envious of this swimwear style, I may just need to actualy go out and find the equivalents for myself. And a turban. Of course.

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