Cameron Diaz for Versace and Dior in Paris

Attending the Paris Haute Couture shows is usually the preserve of the actresses who are very serious about their commitment to fashion. Diane Kruger, for example. But this year sees an altogether much more athletic and entertaining actress in the front row. Cameron Diaz.
Are you as surprised as I am? Totally unexpected. And a tiny bit weird. Even on her huge global summer tour last year in support of Bad Teacher, she didn't wear any haute couture. It was all slinky dresses and then some casuals, if I remember correctly. rewearing pieces like jeans and shoes.
And yet yesterday, she stepped out in Paris at both the Atelier Versace (black outfit) and the Christian Dior (dotty dress) shows, obviously wearing the labels. And she looked great. Not jaw dropping, but good. And then she popped on her jeans and looked even better. That's what I mean. #justsaying
Your views, anyone?

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