Alexa Chung Named Creative Director of Superga

I have blogged a few times before about my love of Alexa Chung and my love of Superga sneakers. And how they came together last year in this shoot, when Alexa was named the face of the brand. Ah, the bliss, the bliss. And then this week Alexa was named as the creative director of the brand, and continuing her duties as the face of it too. Well done lady!
Alexa was seen earlier this week attending her friend Henry Holland's launch for Superga, looking her usual hipster cool. And before that she was over in the US, attending the Chanel party in Vegas. Dressed, quite obviously in Chanel.

Have a watch of this behind the scenes video from her first shoot with Superga last year. It's fun. And you can see how much her hair has grown since then!

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