36Magazine Vamps It Up

I know, I know. It is all a bit weird me posting on my own work. But I so seldom love it a couple of months after I shot it, that this is a rare occasion. I love this work. I am actually quite proud of it. And I hope you love it too. Yesterday we went live with the February issue of our digital magazine - for 36Boutiques, the online fashion retailer. And it was all about twisted love just in time for Valentine's Day. You know, the whole vampire thing. And our obsession with dresses. And shoes.

We shot some of these dresses that are currently on sale on the site. I mean we all know what it is like at this stage of the year. We stand in front of our wardrobes and stare at the contents and think we have nothing to wear because we are just so damn bored of it all. But we still have another three months of summer to go. So pick up a stunning local designer dress for like R600 and reenergise your choices. (Anthony Friend shot this story at Crystal Towers, and the model is Lotte from Max)
But I am a darker and more sinister kind of person (it's the old goth in me) and I like a bit of a high contrast between love and hate, light and dark, and I am obsessed with the soundtrack to True Blood (who hasn't been there, "I wanna do bad things to you"). So we took ourselves off to the bowels of artist Conrad Hicks' studio at the Bijou Theatre and got down and grubby in red. (Gavin Kleinschmidt shot this for us and Ansellia from Outlaws did the dirty)
So what do you think? You want more you say? Oh well, in that case pop on over to www.36boutiques.com and you can. You can also purchase those awesome Hunters boots (and all the other cool stuff) straight off the page. Boom.

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