2012 SAG Awards Red Carpet: Worst Dressed

Sometimes the worst dressed is more interesting than the best dressed, and so it was with the 2012 Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet. I am not putting these out there to be mean, simply to highlight some mistakes that others can possibly avoid going forward, if you know what I mean. And a little bit of entertainment, of course, for you my loyal readers. Starting with that black Jenny Packham dress that Angelina Jolie wore and everyone wet themselves in excitement on the Twitter. What? Really? I mean this is black and draped and not a huge leap from a black bin liner. It is about the cheapest fabric one can choose. So why would one? Take the beauty and glow of Angie out of this equation and the dress is a sack. There I said it. And the glorious Meryl Streep. Oh dear. No. That belt. It's Vivienne Westwood. But no. Soz. Diane Lane deserves better. The fabric is as tacky as that bubble gum under the table at the Wimpy. And the lopsided boob-a-thon? Asymmetric to be avoided if you are over a C-cup and there is no built in bra. There's a top tip for you.
And whilst the delightful Kristen Wiig is just a peach and I love her, I can't get over the choker necklace. Which is also skew. Lovely, lovely Balenciaga dress, shame about the neckpiece, no? And Lea Michele. Sigh. This girl has the worst habit of taking a seemingly nice dress and making it look, well, just a bit off. I mean that split just looks weird on her. And with all the over-the-top posing and gurning and general strange red carpet behaviour, this splendid little silver slip of a dress, just goes wrong. No thanks. Which one was worst for you? Do you agree with these picks or do you now hate me for saying this? Do you have your own worst picks? Do let me know :)

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