Would you spend £700 on a designer potty?

Today I'm dealing with strange products marketed at children that make you scratch your head and think, hmm, who thought that up?

1. Posh Potty

Psst, Posh Spice, here's the latest word in stylish pottys. Harper's probably getting to the stage soon when she'll be wanting to do number ones and twos in a fashion forward setting.

My Carry Potty in Swarovski Crystal

So if you want something sparkly for Harper then grab this exclusive potty that's studded with Swarovski crystals. And if you dear reader are sobbing that you simply haven't got that kind of cash to spend on a potty to bribe your daughter, then all I can say is, there are plenty of cheaper bribes out there that can work equally well. Believe me, we've all been there - potty training bribes are what it's all about. From chocolate buttons to letting kids play mind numbing games like Angry Birds every time they poop in the correct hole, when the shit hits the fan you do what you can.

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