Prince William and Kate Middleton at the Parade of the Famous Rodeo Show in Canada

Prince William and Kate Middleton, launching the parade of the famous rodeo show as their nine-day tour of Canada drew to a close.

They traveled by car along the Stampede parade route in reverse greeted by a sea of ten gallon hats.

The royal couple got into the festive mood by donning the regulation Stampede outfits of white cowboy hats, jeans, boots and casual shirts.

They opened the parade by pushing a plunger to begin a fireworks display, sending the crowd of tens of thousands wild. As the plunger went down fireworks burst overhead and red and white confetti rained over the parade.

The festival, which is known by Canadians as 'the greatest show in the world' is to celebrate the Alberta city's cowboy heritage.

On their last stop in the Commonwealth country, the duke and duchess will visit Calgary Zoo and take part in an official departure ceremony before leaving Canada.

The couple leave Calgary for a 48-hour official visit to southern California, where they will shuttle between events meant to highlight British businesses and filmmakers.

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