Eye Lift without surgery

  • An instant Eye Lift in seconds
  • Reduces lines and puffiness 
  • Lifts and firms the skin around the eye area 
  • Portable, lightweight and refillable Suitable for All skin Types. 

The Crystal Clear eye pen is quite simply a stroke of genius, providing an instant eyelift in seconds. Instantly lifts and firms for bright fresh eyes.

It uses only natural, scientifically proven active ingredients, applied with a unique massaging action, to bring out your own natural beauty, with no need for surgery or invasive injections. 

This ingenious device designed for use anytime anywhere literally provides an alternative to eyelift surgery. It addresses the needs of everyone who wishes they could wave a magic wand to reduce lines and puffiness,while lifting and firming the skin around the eyes to give an instant, wide-awake look in seconds. 

Unlike any other product currently on the market, the eye pens innovative dual-action can stimulate new collagen and elastin formation while at the same time firm, lift and strengthen the muscles around the eyes, instantly.

Results are instantaneous as the pulsating action from the pen allows the active ingredients in the serum to penetrate through the epidermal layers to firm, plump and reduce the puffiness of the fine, delicate skin beneath the eye. The eye pen is portable and designed for daily use anytime, anywhere.

The light-weight serum is suitable for all skin types and refill cartridges are available. 

Refills for use with your Crystal Clear Eye Pen are available, each box contains 4 x 5ml refills of serum.

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