Celebrity Secret To Great Looking Sexy Legs!

Rio City Girl Firming Leg Shimmer is a favourite among dermatologists, professional make-up artists and celebrities. 

It was a beauty staple on the Sex and the City movie. Doctors love it because its a wonderful alternative to a suntan. Best of all, its easy to apply, doesn't streak or get on clothes, and washes off with soap and water. 

RioBlush City Girl Firming Leg Shimmer is a unique shimmering skin perfector, with additional cellulite fighting and firming properties. 

This tinted lotion acts as a sheer body makeup with a subtle tint and a light reflecting shimmer to perfect and correct skin tone, disguising bruises and imperfections and giving a subtle, sexy sheen to skin.

In addition, high performance ingredients such as caffeine and carnitine work to tone and firm the skin, helping to fight and reduce the appearance of cellulite. 

Perfect for legs, this shimmering perfector is also great for arms too and is easy to apply for an instant confidence boost! 

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