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Celebrity Skin's mission is to offer all of our customers up to date accurate information on all of our Cosmeceutical Skin Care and Mineral Make Up Range, through Social Networks, Blogs, Research, Reviews and tutorials in order to allow individuals to choose the correct Skin Care Products for their Skin Care needs.

Celebrity Skin is an online Cosmeceutical retail store, which was established to offer all of our customers a unique range of Advanced Skin Care from leading Cosmeceutical brands including: 

Agera and other leading brands. 

Our Advanced Skincare Solutions includes: 

Mineral Make Up is the latest in Advanced Cosmetics, our Brands include:

Mineralogie and more

In addition, we offer a range of Body Treatments, including:

Thread Veins and more. 

We offer Free UK Delivery and Online Special Offers
Please visit our website at www.celebrity-skin.co.uk

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