Go West(on-super-mare), Young Man!

A joy of the present life is the view across to Rowan Williams's pad on the way to work each morning.

But sometimes the soul needs more than a glimpse of an ecclesiastical palace. There comes a time when you want a cocktail of sea and country air. And where else to find such a sensation than a place with a superlative in its own title? Weston-super-Mare!

I'd always wanted to head across the watery channel which divides Wales from England and explore this outpost. Fortunately, some excellent comrades were up for the trip.

The view was smokin'! (and so was almost everyone on the pier, as in there was a lot of tobacco use going on... and you could go for a simulated camel ride; we didn't. You've got to leave something for next time).

But the best delight was cooking duck risotto and enjoying conversation that crackled like a log fire with some of the finest folk with whom you could dander along a country lane as the day readied for dusk.

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