Amigurumi Addict

Hi Guys and Gals! I am on a bit of a blogging break. I am sure many of you have missed me (or not?) Well I find I am happy as a clam and the urge to blog has left me for the moment. The artistic muse has bitten me and I am doing a lot of crafts. I have gotten heavily into Amigurumi. No that's not a new designer drug. It's actually the Japanese name for crocheting animals. I think something happens to us ladies around the age of forty and we become inexplicably attracted to crochet needles, crafts shops and making cuddly animals. Or is that just me?

Crochet - it's madness. It's crochet madness

I have also started to do some pastel portraits and am even getting some commissions! People just give me a photo and I create art from it. Like these:

So there you have it. I am up to my eyeballs in creativity and hunkering down waiting for Hurricane Irene to strike. Wish me luck.



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