The Royal Couple Arrive in Yellowknife

Kate & Wills arrived in Yellowknife amid a steady rain late Monday and were greeted by throngs of supporters who showed up to the airport. This is their fourth stop on their nine-day tour of North America.

Kate again wore her navy blue trench coat and matching blue pumps (both are still unknown designers). Her hair was beautifully coiffured and hanging loose around her shoulders.

Update 7/5/2011

Our amazing follower Hadley let us know that she has the same trench coat in white/cream that she purchased back in 2007/8. It is the 'Jinan' trench by Ted Bake.

Hadley also thinks that she has the 411 on Kate's shoes, very kindly sharing the info with us. They are the Belle and Mimi Suede Pointed Court Shoe. The shoes are available at Barratts in the UK (marked down from £40 to £35)


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