Prince William and Kate Will Visit Canada and America

Prince William and Kate Middleton Prince William and Kate will visit Canada in June and July 2011. During their 11-day tour they will experience "the diversity, vibrancy of Canada, its geography and people," says a source at St. James's Palace.

Those close to the royal couple say the trip is a "most significant moment, because it's their first royal tour." The full schedule will not be available until mid-June,

Their Canadian tour looks like this:
  • June 30-July 2: The National Capital Region (Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec)
  • July 2: Montreal
  • July 3: Quebec City
  • July 3-4: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
  • July 4: Summerside, Prince Edward Island
  • July 4-6: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
  • July 6-8: Calgary, Alberta
Although they will fly to Los Angeles on July 8, interaction with the stars is being downplayed. "The couple view this as a working visit, not as an opportunity for them to meet celebrities," the palace source says. They'll be promoting Britain through "the prism of their own interests."

Although one aide spoke about the expanse of their trip saying "They want to keep their entourage to a minimum." some press reports say the duchess will require at least 40 different outfit changes en route,

Princess Kate Middleton Seasoned royal writer Judy Wade, a veteran of many tours with the Windsors, says, "Kate is aware of the recession and cutbacks that people are facing, and will not want to be seen to be extravagant.

However she realizes that she cannot be in the public eye and be a fully-fledged royal without help with a dresser or someone like that."

A source says that the 28 year old Prince William wants to "get to know Canada better," and his wife Kate who is 29, will be visiting Canada for the first time.

"Canada is very much part of her family's story," says the source. Peter Middleton, her grandfather was stationed there during World War II, serving as a trainee bomber pilot near Calgary.

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