That Green Shawl

It had us stumped for a while, but it is now being reported that Kate was wearing a cashmere ruffle wrap from a little known American Brand (at least here in the UK!) Minnie Rose.

In the UK the brand only seems available at Donna Ida which happens to have a shop in Belgravia, one of Kates favourite shopping areas. In the US both Saks and Amazon are stockists. Although Kates wrap above is no longer available, we will certainly be keeping an eye out for Minnie Rose's Autumn/Winter collection!

*Update* several readers have noted that Kate's wrap may not be by Minnie Rose as was widely reported by the press. The Minnie Rose website is also not featuring Kate as part of their "media" section so I think we have to assume it is probably not a Minnie Rose (thanks Melissa for the heads up). Never the less we will keep our eyes peeled and hope that the designer of Kates wrap comes to light soon.

PS. If you are a knitter and want to knit your own Kate inspired wrap are selling the pattern to a Princess Kate Shawl for a very reasonable £3 ($5). Thank you Debbie for finding and sharing the pattern with us!

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