The Fools of Attraction

Is it just me or was anyone else surprised at how homeley Schwarzenegger's mistress is? Now there will be those frothing at the mouth about how married men shouldn't cheat but I'm not one of those. In my mind politicians and movie and sports stars orbit in their own universe, above us mere mortals in their own rarified atmosphere. They orbit mainly around themselves, and have many tiny planets telling them day and night just how wonderful they are. So it is inevitable that their egos grow very large indeed and that they are soon thinking that it is every lap dancer for himself.

So I said to my husband, "I just don't get it. I mean Schwarzenegger's mistress, she's not even good looking. I mean Maria Shriver looks a bit odd, granted, but she's probably better looking than the mistress. I mean seriously, will men just do it with anyone?"

My husband chewed over the question. "Well, I'm sure Arnie's mistress was good looking at some point."

Getting to the meat of the question I asked, "You wouldn't want to do it with some old dog though would you?"

Taking a Swiss position (a neutral stance that would not lead to him being hung drawn and quartered) he said,"Well all women are attractive at some point. It's just a question of how many years they can sustain that attractivenes. For some women their bloom lasts but an hour!"

"I see," I said. "But I still don't get it. Why would men choose to sleep with plain women especially if they are famous and can pick and choose? When women sleep with reptilian looking men there's always a reason for it and it's to do with the man's status. Mick Jagger's been hideous for years but I understand that women want to get their hands on his millions. And what about Paul McCartney, he looks like a droopy bull dog these days but that doesn't stop him getting engaged to a hottie does it?"

"I'm just a jumping scrotum with lips but I gets the girls."

"Hope my pre-nup is watertight so I don't end up tarred and Heathered."
Melinda was attracted to Trump by his playful sense of humour and large combover

Am I taking a prejudicial position here? What does go on in men's heads? Is it really the case that if a woman plain or otherwise offers herself to a bloke he's in there like a rat up a drainpipe? It is just his biological imperative? I mean I don't mind if it is like that but is it really that basic? I'm talking about normal men here, not your politicians, Trumps or movie stars?



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