The Contents of my Fridge

My pal Slummy Single Mummy has tagged me to reveal the contents of my fridge. Now I'm not going to lie: this ain't gonna be pretty. And now I think of it these pictures seem to reveal quite a lot about my (perfectly legal) addictions to chocolate and alcohol. So what the heck, here goes nothing.

Let's start with the freezer compartment shall we?

Those of you not familiar with the Samoa Girl Scouts' Cookie will not know how delicious is it as well as the fact that the cookies are 150 calories per cookie and God knows how much more mixed with the icecream. The stuff in the Tupperware is leftover Easter chocolate and the thing that looks like a chicken is a decapitated chocolate bunny.

Since we recently almost had a tornado here and we've been warned that we may have to hide in the basement for several days and not be able to shop for groceries I have stocked the freezer with staples such as um, gin.

Now moving on to the fridge. Admitedly I do have to go for a shop but even so these items are fairly typical of my daily intake of er nutrients:

"Help I'm trapped in a filthy drawer! Will paint eggs for food."

Nutritional note: Fruits are still fruits even when trapped in a sugary jelly like substance.

When you have gin you must also have mixers and a few bottles of wine in case guests pop in... some beer.

More chewed chocolate.

I know what you're thinking. Where's the veg? Well this is all I have at the mo:

Yes there is some kind of watery stuff floating about in there.

In fact I actually found a sprouted pea in there this morning but threw it out. I did look for it in the bin to take a picture but couldn't find it so this image will have to do. The discovery of the sprout might give some indication of how often I clean out my vegetable drawer.

So now I want you all to show me the contents of your fridges. I don't think anyone can be worse than that but surprise me.

To get the ball rolling I want to see the fridge contents of :

Metropolitan Mum
Mum's Gone To
Glen's Life
A Modern Military Mum cos she's a neat freak and I'd love to see what an alphabetically organised fridge looks like
Very Bored in Catalunya - because I want to see some groovy Spanish packaging
Note From Lapland - because I want to see some groovy Finnish packaging


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