Christmas Trainwrecks

Homemade Christmas photo cards always seem like a good idea after one too many eggnoggs. But in the cold light of day some 'concepts' seem a little out of place.

Waiting for Santa in our Christmas Pyjamas

Would you Adam and Eve it?

Trauma: That was the Christmas I developed my SM predilection for being electrocuted

1960s teething ring

No, just, no

Ronald McDonald outcreeps himself


Some Santas were never meant to be Santas

Nancy with Ronald Reagan

Nancy with Mr T

Nancy with J R Ewing

Which one's your favourite? Feel free to take these concepts and run with them....your relatives will thank you I'm sure.

In the meantime have a wonderful Christmas from whichever snow infested corner of the globe you're currently shivering in. I'm so glad that office parties are now part of my dark past but if you are toiling in an office I'll see you next year and I hope you have some good stories about your office party and how you got blind drunk and told your boss you often have sexual fantasies about him etc. 

Remember: Stay safe and don't drunk text your ex-boyfriend this Christmas requesting a 'quick one for old time's sake'


Also: If you fancy sending me something for Christmas I'll take a tin of Roses or Quality Street. I know I could send one to myself but that's like buying a t-shirt bearing the slogan: I am a greedy pig.