British Mummy Bloggers Carnival Call For Posts

Join Me! I want you strutting your stuff at the BMB Carnival

I'm hosting the BMB Carnival here on Tuesday 23rd November. It's my first time hosting and I'm counting on you all to submit your posts to me by the 22nd at midnight.

Your posts can be about anything, there is no theme this time, just submit your favourite post to me by the 22nd and you will be featured in the carnival. It's a great way to get new readers for your blogs and find some great new blogs too.

To submit an entry, just email me the link to emmakcontact[at] together with a one line description of your post.

Looking forward to reading all your entries!

And while I have your attention be sure to check out my pal Gillian Martin's hilarious article 'Five Things To Know Before Pregnancy' which can be found over here at Glamour Magazine. Remember - if you love it leave a comment and rate it!