Time of the Month Tiger

Time of the Month Tiger - I will kill for chocolate

I'd like to draw your attention to the new meme that gives voice to your worst period woes, including dropping your last tampon in the toilet, feeling like your uterus got stabbed, and the "unexpected goodbye leak," as only a man-eating tiger can.

So get creative and make your own Time of the Month memes to send to your friends. What slogan would you put in?

I must say I do sometimes wish I lived back in ye olden days. Cures for menstrual pains included a patented medicine called 'Cardui.' This testimonial from a booklet entitled Cardui medicine for difficult menstruation, leucorrhea, backache, headache, dizziness and general female diseases 1874 says:

"When I was sick at each month I would stay in bed because my back would ache and my head would swim so that I would almost faint when I stood on my feet. I endured this for three years. Then I went to a doctor. He did not help me much. Then he recommended Cardui and I began to take it. I took about a bottle and felt much better [I bet you did love] I have now taken several bottles and feel just all right. I have no backache, headache or dizziness anymore and would recommend Cardui to anyone."

Of course Cardui cured the aches - the stuff was 19% alcohol by volume, 38 proof; that's stronger than wine.

Now where can I get my hands on some Cardui ....?