Countdown to Halloween

Halloween 2009 was a bit crap (yes that's me in the frightwig)

Okay so we've all made mistakes. We've all thought we could cut corners on our Halloween costumes and buy nylon $5 wigs and get away with it haven't we? Last year was not one hundred per cent on the Halloween costume front. I'm prepared to accept that skimping and scraping didn't give me the desired result to wow the suburban crowd around here. Some of them even asked "Who are you meant to be?" Ho hum. So this year is going to be big. It's going to be huge. I'm going to start work on my Halloween costume right now and I want your input.

At the moment I'm thinking of being:

1.Large Scary Lady with human crotch

2. Sexy Straight Jacket (downside: not being able to drink wine or stuff face full of candy)

3. Saucy Girl Scout - Does Anyone Want To Buy Any Cookies?

4. Life Sized Sock Money (Problem: I'm not a very good knitter)

5. Flying Monkey from Wizard of Oz - I love this but how do I get myself to fly?

6. Air on a C-String. Had no idea what a C-string was until VeryBored explained the ins and outs of this new fangled device for ladies who are nuts. (Downside: pretty sure I don't have the arse to carry this off).

7. Posh n Becks Skeleton Sandwich (problems: need to find a David Beckham lookalike in a few weeks. Any offers? Also need to lose 80lb)

So let's have your votes. Think carefully here about the pros and cons of each outfit. Any other ideas more than welcome. And what about you - what are you going to be this year?