Conversations with Hauerwas

There's a delightful and gratifyingly long interview with the great Stanley Hauerwas at Third Way. One excerpt:

What do you think makes for a really good theological conversation?

Not being afraid of being in disagreement with one an­other, so you learn from suddenly discovering that your friend thinks things that never occurred to you and you are not sure what to do with them! I think also working within recognisable reading regimes, so that you both are trying to negotiate how to read this book in relation­ship to that book. Reading together, I think, and being ready to learn from one another, is really important.

I think also that you need work to do together - for example, to write something together. Sometimes it can be quite difficult and painful, but it can also be extreme-­ly illuminating. If you consider together the challenges before the church today and you have a similar sense of what they are but maybe not of how to respond to them, that can be very fruitful.