Aussie Mummy Bloggers Blog Carnival - Best of August

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The Aussie Mummy Bloggers are hosting their third blog carnival and this time I'm doing the honours! Their blog carnival is a monthly event where AMB members (currently over 350) submit their best posts from the previous month to be featured together in one place. A different blogger will host the event each month. Please bookmark this page and take the time to come back and read as many of these posts as you can and discover some great new bloggers!

Participants, please feel free to grab the button I've made, and put it on your blog so your readers can find their way here.

But for now, grab a cup of tea and a fistful of Tim Tams, sit back and enjoy some quality reading!

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Jen at Jemikaan - Do you get as bored of the mundane task of grocery shopping as I do? Well this is my little spin on our weekly task, turning an ordinary day into something a little more extraordinary with a play with words.
Bitter Day Of Reflected Sweetness

Christy at A Cajun Down Under - Not sure if I’m Arthur or Martha these days. My life was much simpler when I only had to answer to Mommy but not near as much fun.
A mommy by many names

Kay K at Suburp - Menstruation related ads are since long part of our life, but now there is more to learn while you and your family are having your TV dinner.
Incontinence and the City

Nellbe at Nellbe's Gluten Free Kitchen - what an eventful month, her baby has turned one and she has had a blog name change! Here she reflects on the past 12 months of being a mum of 2.
Baby's First Year - Reflection

Kathrine at Mummy Diaries - When Sky News Presenter Jacinta Tynan declared motherhood a “cinch” and used the phrase “can’t see what all the whingeing is about” Kathrine started to rant and rave to no one in particular.
When hard is a dirty word

Bec at Bad Mummy - Colic has been the bane of my existence over the past few weeks. Read along and find out what lengths we've gone to to stop our child screaming!
Dealing with colic

Shelly at Tropical Mum - Reading Chick-Lit has always been a pleasure of mine, but since joining the blogosphere, it has become a guilty pleasure. I'm not sure why exactly, but it could be to do with the awe with which I regard some of my fellow bloggers. They amaze me everyday with their wonderful words and stories. I guess I thought all these wonderful writers must be curling up with the classics as their read of choice, but my commenters had a few things to say about it.
Brain Candy

Becky at BeckyandJames - Should I be excited or scared about my favourite book series being made into movies??
Today's thoughts on tomorrow

Lauren at Sparkling Adventures - As a mother, I am constantly trying to question our society’s conventions of conformity. As I consciously and unconsciously teach my four girls about beauty, what are the seeds that I am sowing into my daughters’ minds?
The mismatched truth

Kirrily at Sunny Side Up - A memory from a day in the NICU with our brave baby girl.
Melting moments that make my heart seize

_vTg_ at This Growing Life - While trying to juggle freeway driving and parenting, I discovered that the bonds between brothers can sometimes be material.
The Heartwarming Scarf

Megan at Writing Out Loud - Going to the supermarket is never fun, but add to it random people’s judgements about your parenting and it’s hell.
Dreaded Weekly Event

Toushka at Ramblings From Toushka - My mother always felt that a part of her was missing and always would be unless she found the father she had never met. This is her story
Search for grandpa

Tenille at Help!Mum - Once upon a time, in my laundry, the revolution began...
A tale of two laundries

Nikki at Styling You - I’m a mum of three (two teens and five-year-old). Time to myself is VERY rare. This is my attempt at getting 30 minutes one recent Saturday evening. I had to resort to scare tactics to pull it off.
A Carefree life … or just 30 minutes … I wish

Veronica at Some Day We Will Sleep - A flippant comment on twitter ends up degenerating into a passive aggressive exchange, much to one person's surprise.
How a flippant comment on twitter can get you blocked and banned

Beth at BabyMac - This post is about the turmoil of a proper breast fitting post babe #2. Strap yourselves in. Literally.
My breast is certainly not best

Lori at Random Ramblings of a SAHM - Dealing with clinical depression. One day at a time
The Black Dog

MuffinMonsterBB at The Muffin Monster Bubbalug Blog - Is my social phobia hurting my children?
I say "I" at lot. And I feel like a failure.

The NDM at Not Drowning, Mothering - One suburban housewife's rapid descent into ill-repute...
It’s Not As Bad As It Looks

Bern at So Now What? - *Language Warning * Just another day at the office. See what happens when good tax goes bad.
Workin 9 - 5

Naomi at Under The Yardarm - the post in which I make someone cry before lunch... but, you know, in a good way!
A moment in time

Lara at Extremely Nappies - a bit of a rant about food and how it effects our society: ethical issues, health problems and junk-food targetting our kids.
The tale of the gigantic pants

Ash at Mm is for me’s blog - A funny little book helped me get rid of my cranky pants for the day!
Find your monkey Grumpy Gertie!

Starfish at The Fish Cave - After five weeks with no action the prodigal fish returns with a declaration of love and devotion to the wonderful world of blogging. A celebration of creativity and the power of the pen. A post on how great it is to post .
Five weeks ....

Misssy M at The Misssy M Misssives - Hitch-hiking can be perilous, especially when you get picked up by Misssy M
The Hitcher

Kelly at Be A Fun Mum - I don’t like leaving the kitchen a mess but in a way, I felt good about it. Why? You'll have to read the post.
I didn't clean the kitchen last night

Jo at Mum to J - I wrote this after reading some information that was sent to me re: a shopping trip for someone with Asperger's. The article was a real eye opener for me so I thought I'd write this to share with others just how difficult a trip to the supermarket can be for my son.
Sensory Overload

Alison at Melbourne Mumma – I Am Their Mother, Not You: complete strangers who parent your kids in public. Does it happen to you?
I am their mother not you

Kristin at Wanderlust - For all the beautiful women I've known (and never known).
Woman, a history

Jasmine at Dardo & Me - The post is a few suggestions on how to reawaken (or find!) your inner sex(y) goddess.
That sexy feeling ... part 2

Emma at Mommy Has A Headache - Do you get angry when children's classics are 'modernized' or do you just grin and bear it?
You're Jolly Well Joking Aren't You?

Marita at Stuff with Thing - What is your DLE - Divorce Level Event? Inspired by our recent house move.
What is your DLE?

Lucy at Diminishing Lucy - An enticing post about dealing with “the other woman”.

Sarah at Just Me - A guest post from my beautiful friend, Erin. The story of how her husband beat leukaemia and is now kayaking 800km to celebrate surviving five years from the diagnosis. Be sure to have your tissues ready!
My Heafy