Shirtless Monday

David Beckham tears ACL; Abs thankfully fine

I wasn't sure I was going to get into the World Cup. Quite frankly I'd never seen one sober. And most things are quite exciting when you're lagered up to the gills in a pub full of screaming countrymen and women. But since I find myself an odd British fish adrift in the wider waters of the USA where no one's that worked up about it all I wasn't sure what would happen. Luckily I found that there was a jingoistic dog inside me scrambling to be let out. To my delight on watching the USA-England match I suddenly becoming a raging nationalist and was actually very excited every time England tried to score a goal. This time I was stone cold sober and - this is so sad I can hardly bear to tell you - I watched the match at the gym on the running machine while wearing ear buds. England played terribly but on the upside, let us give thanks to the lads. Let's give thanks to their gifts to the world - such wonderful abdominals should never be hidden.

I hear there's a petition making the rounds to get the FIFA to rescind the rule that players are not allowed to take off their shirts during the match. I need to find this petition and sign it - not that I am that much of a bigwig around FIFA but still I'm sure every signature can make a difference.

I'm hugely disappointed at this championship's jerseys so far. Two years ago Nike'd made lovely, lovely body-hugging jerseys, and many a side wore them too. And now we are back to the baggy ones. No matter, luckily some footballers generously got their tits out for the ladies ....

My thanks go to ..

Glen Johnson and Ashley Cole

Steven Gerrard thanks for the gift of abs

Glen Johnson again ....thank you

Also got a quick glimpse of Bastian Schweinsteiger of Germany. I like you. I like you very much.

Any more shirtless player links gratefully received - but right now I simply can't justify a day googling 'shirtless footballers.' And what about you? Are you getting much out of the World Cup?