Frog Hopper: Caption Competition

Well I return battered and bruised from a weekend at an amusement park. And such was the humor of this photo I took that I thought hey why not have a caption competition? So, put your captions in the comments section by Friday at which point I will randomly draw a winner. And remember, politically incorrect captions are most welcome.

So as for prizes. Well if you are yourself a frog I can send you a couple of juicy flies. I was in a county near here called Essex recently and actually saw the grossest thing ever - a live bait dispenser where fisheman (I presume) could get live maggots out of a machine. But assuming that most of you aren't a frog the winner will receive a copy of my hilarious book Cocktails at Naptime which will be published in Australia by Finch Publishing in October (so okay it may be a while before you get the book but I guarantee you will love it!!!)

Details about the book as listed at the London Book Fair:

Cocktails at Naptime
The woefully inept guide to early motherhood
by Gillian Martin & Emma Kaufmann

There are secrets that no baby book will tell you, stories that no parenting magazine will even touch with a set of forceps. And that’s a shame because out of postnatal nastiness and the human struggle with sleep-deprivation, couch stainage and perineum bruising, comes forth humour; lots of it. Read about how the Mothers of History dealt with getting their figure back, discover how to transform your partner into a sex symbol using only household bleach and a pair of rubber gloves, and find out how to recognise (and avoid becoming) a stereotypical Mummy From Hell. Cocktails at Naptime is a hilarious look at those first twelve months (from birth to back-to-work) and the antidote to the ‘how to’ parenting manuals and the glut of ‘girlfriend’ books. It gives you a hug, a tip or two and the nod to have a big glass of chardonnay.

Emma Kaufmann (Baltimore, USA) and Gillian Martin (Aberdeen, Scotland) met over the Internet and wrote the book together. Gillian has been published in several blogger compilations and is a radio personality with many connections to UK media outlets. Emma has been published in You’re Not the Only One, as well as in the British blogger compilation for Comic Relief, Shaggy Blog Stories. She has also written the successful erotic novel, Lured by Lust (Virgin Books/Random House 2000) and Confessions of a Cake Addict (Agora International 2009).

Publication October 2010 224pp, illustrations, trade paperback. RIGHTS AVAILABLE: All excluding ANZ.