Kreativ Blogger Award - The E! True Hollywood Story

Amazingly enough Emma K was born in 1932

Hurrah! I am now the recipient of the Kreativ Blogger Award. I was tagged by both Single Slummy Mummy and Very Bored In Catalunya to tell you seven things you might not know about me. So, deep breath and here goes:

1. I am - no I'm serious - actually 78 years old. Yeah this is me (spinning below) while I was writing my original blog Spinning Spinsters. I was naturally enough a spinster and spun for a living:

2. The now defunct Spinning Spinsters was started in 1998 (believe it or not I had quite a cult following amongst sheep fanciers) and once I started hanging around the interweb I realized that not everyone wore long skirts and bonnets. I also realized that there were people out there whose lives didn't revolve around sheep shearing and spinning wheels. To cut a long story short I discovered man made fibres and that sweaters could be manufactured in under four months via factories. Throwing my spinning wheel in the nearest millpond I embraced this new world fully realizing I had much to learn. Now bonnetless and wearing my new pink nylon shell suit I was half way there. After a lot of studying the interweb I realized the famous had one thing in common: they were wrinkle free. It wasn't long before my guru Paris Hilton made me realize that I needed urgent plastic surgery. Before long I had full blown Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

3. There was no other option, I had extensive plastic surgery including a Heidi Montag style waist cinch and back scoop until I was whittled away to resemble a twig or at least a tree root. At that point - 2006 - I launched my blog Mommy Has a Headache. The rest is history. Here's more dirt if you want it:

4. I am a bit of a fag hag (okay no surprise there)

I do love gays and have a soft spot for transvestites. A couple of years ago while I was having a short lived mid life crisis (believe me going out past nine is pretty exhausting) I was hanging out with this crazy woman I know and we were at this gay club here in Baltimore when she goes up to this trannie who had a tight top on and was sporting some small breasts. Crazy Woman says, "Hey, Tammy! I haven't seen you in ages. So I see you finally got implants! They look great." To which Tammy replied: "Hell no, I couldn't afford them. These were done by me, with a toilet plunger! Pretty good huh?" Only in Baltimore, Hon!!

5. I am obsessed with babies

6. I am a pretty good illustrator/cartoonist.

7. Like Wallace I am crackers about cheese and can be very territorial about my aged cheddar.

So now it is up to me to pass this on to seven of my blogging chums. Ladies if you accept the challenge, you should:

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So my seven super nominees are Dulwich Divorcee, A Modern Mother, Notes From Lapland, Hot Cross Mum, Crunchie Mummy, Dulwich Mum and Vegemitevix.