Bad Case of Baby Fever

I read recently in Oprah Magazine (I swear on my honor I don't buy it, it was in the doctor's waiting room) that if you want something hard enough and visualize it somehow it will happen. I initially thought this was bollocks, but then I remembered a time when this really did happen for me. It was back when I was 28 and I had entered a strange broody stage where I was crying every time I saw a baby. I said to my mum, "I want to have a baby sooo baaaad," and she said, "Yes dear, but first you need to find a boyfriend." I thought, Oh yeah, she has a good point. Well, I did not exactly look for a boyfriend but just asked everyone I met if they wanted to have a baby with me (by that I mean only the males). Most of them were keen on the sex but not necessarily the baby part until on 29th December, while I was still in the grip of my white hot baby fever I met my (now) husband. I was not really sure if he wanted to have a baby since he was twenty at the time. But then it became clear, very clear that he was to be a baby daddy on New Year's Eve.

Don't ask me why my mother was at a New Year's Eve party with me (it's a long story), suffice to say she brought some little lead pellets with her in case she had to load her gun. No, really, she brought the pellets which are probably banned in the US because they are poisonous because we were to play a German New Years Eve game at the party called Bleigiessen. You put a lead pellet into a spoon and hold it over the flame of a candle. Once the lead has melted you pour it into the water and the lead forms a shape. After you pull out the lead you interpret its meaning. There are dozens of interpretations including:

heart - falling in love

hat - good news is coming your way

cross - death

cake - you will soon have an opportunity for celebration

cow - healing

etc. etc.

But in my case when I dropped the lead, I did not have to look into any interpretation book. I kid you not, the lead had formed into a very anatomically correct penis with lots of sperm droplets coming out. Well what else could it mean? Fertility. Babies. Babies. Babies. It was spooky.

Was this a case of mind control causing molten lead to form itself into penis patterns? Of course it was. And three months later I was - what else - up the duff!

No this is not the lead pouring of a penis I made, but it gives you an idea of what the lead looks like after it has been poured into the water

And what about you? Have you ever wanted something badly which suddenly appeared?


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This post was inspired by a prompt at Sleep Is For the Weak.