Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire?

There are many problems with the idea of feminism - most of which have to do with the fact that the world we live in is so far from being equal between men and women that it is maybe better not to be financially and emotionally self-sufficient but to piggyback off of the men's huge financial assets.

In Smart Girls Marry Money - a very astute book I just read - the female authors risk being pelted with eggs by feminists but make many salient points about how a clever woman should tackle who to marry while her ovaries are in peak freshness. They are:

1. That money and the marrying of it is essential for women, because, given the current working culture, women are rarely able to earn as much as men — especially after children.

2. Should their marriage end — as nearly half do — in divorce, it’s a fact that women rarely bounce back, either professionally or financially, as easily as men. The female divorcĂ©e, they cruelly add, is unlikely to spring back romantically either, unless she is some kind of a Liz Hurley version of a fortysomething.

3. Romantic love is a silly thing to base a marriage on.

4. Sexual fulfilment is primarily dependent on discovering yourself through masturbation (TRUE).

5. That it is imperative to marry young, while you have the seductive powers of the sexually attractive and fecund.

6. To be aware that men are prone to trading up, “once you no longer have great skin or look great in jeans”.

So what do you think? Is is worth marrying for money as a main point in choosing a spouse? It looks like this makes a huge amount of sense until society reaches such a point when women's primary allure to men are no longer youth, a couple of pert breasts and a fertile womb.

If and when we start growing babies in tanks and women lose their maternal instinct and the need to caress tiny baby clothes in shops while wailing "I want a baby!" then the idea of male/female equality might have a fighting chance.

But the last time I looked we shared 95 per cent of our genes with apes and most men want to marry a woman of equal age or many years younger if they are old codgers.

Personally speaking I would be in a tailspin if I hadn't married someone who while not rolling in it is extremely fiscally responsible. One of the most puzzling things people say is : Money Doesn't Buy You Happiness. But money totally does. It gives you freedom to leave bad situations, to change jobs, to remake your life, to remove any number of unpleasant factors from your life. Without enough money you are just totally stuck in whatever shit life throws at you.

So ladies, was the bulge of his wallet more or less important than the bulge in his trousers when you chose your spouse?

And gents, do you feel you have been financially expoited by women since the day your testicles dropped?