Snowtastic Snownami

There are only a few things that can break us out of our artificial twentieth (and twenty-first) century isolation:

1. The World Cup - kissing strangers/usually involves alcohol

2. The Second World War during The Blitz - when people united against the Jerries and produced illegitimate offspring in Underground/Air Raid Shelters

Yes I know I'm wearing a dodgy Jester hat but it's that or my head freezing

3. Taking E at a Club: "I love you so much man." Doesn't really count.

4. Blizzard Like Conditions

Since we have had snow blizzards here in Baltimore since Friday and snow up to our waists I have seen many people shovelling snow in their front yards in our street who I have never clapped eyes on before. Surprisingly we are all talking to each other about stuff - communicating if you well on topics such as - how there are only tinned peas left in the local supermarket (all the flour and Pot Noodle has sold out WHY? Is it a conspiracy? Are the bakers baking with the flour and the pot heads consuming the Pot Noodle or what is going on?) - united in our moment of hell.

The first reaction of most Americans when confronted with two feet of snow is to drive and it has certainly been amusing to watch many cars stuck in the snow, their wheels a-spinning.

There are also a few comedians doing cross country skiing in the street. You know the types:
"Just because it's snowing it doesn't prevent me doing my workout."

Yes of course I am going mad. Alcohol only goes so far in easing the pain and cabin fever. I could go for a walk but I'd end up like a giant snowball rolling down the hill.

Okay things are getting desperate here... let's have ideas for a snowbound lady with zero patience and two kids off school all week.

BTW this was after the first snowfall, we are now in the middle of the second. Good times!!

Johns Hopkins University where my husband works is peopled by ubernerds who typically sit in the library 24/7 actually studying rather than chatting about what pub to go later which was rather more my pace. The university has been closed all week to the consternation of many. So some enterprising students made this video about the situation which is pretty funny considering it was produced by ubernerds!