Have you been Pinkified?

If you have girls there comes a point where they become seriously good value. Maybe because I never had a sister and my girls are now six and eight I am now entering into one of those happy phases of parenting where it is mostly a joy to be around them. They can now THANK YOU GOD spend hours and hours in lingerie, clothes and makeup shops helping me pick clothes, helping me pick out accesories and giving me an honest opinion on whether a silver glitter crop top makes me look like mutton dressed as lamb. Scarlett even said when I turned 39 on Sunday: "Why are you sad about it? I'd love to be 39." "Why?" "Because I wouldn't have to go to school." Ah bless her cotton socks.

At the moment I don't mind them using my makeup so long as they screw the lids back on. I love doing their nails. In fact I've become some kind of fashonista Dorian Grey. Although I grew up in the eighties even then I knew that white pastel lipstick wasn't that great and after a brief go at being a Psychobilly, Mod in dreary green anorak and monochrome tubeskirt freak I embraced the world of Whistles (overpriced designer labels) and Jigsaw (mid priced monochrome fashions). For years my fashion palette was black, brown and various shades of autumn leaves. I don't know what was I thinking, I looked like an old aged stylish pensioner. For God's sake until eight years ago my hair had been mostly mousy brown, peroxide orange or bright blonde but had never been flatteringly tinted with honey coloured highlights! In the last few years I have changed my politics - and by that I mean my colour politics - I have now segued heavily into wearing hot pink, bright blue, bright nail varnish etc. Maybe this is the influence of having girls? Having been so surrounded with girls and their princess dresses maybe this has permeated my subconscious. Whatever. I will not wear dreary middle aged clothing. As long as I avoid looking like Fergie or Dina Lohan I'm okay.

Lindsay you know another guy just asked if I was your sister!

Although my husband did get a bit narked the other day. He said "It's fine to be their friends but I draw the line at you being their sister." I take his point.

I think I will not get too carried away thinking I am a teenager because I am married. It inevitably becomes a train wreck if you are divorced, your daughters turn teenager and you start going to clubs with them, getting your nipples pierced or trying to Mrs Robinson their boyfriends.

How has having kids influenced your fashion sense? Did you become more girly girl with girls or do you find yourself choosing army fatigues over pink sweaters since you had boys?