Take That Ya'll

I am much blessed ... Southern cook Paula Deen has been staying with me and we worked our way through quite a lot of food let me tell you. Here [this is me doing the impersonation!!] Paula tries to get creative making a gingerbread house in my kitchen! See if she tickles your fancy y'all! Paula Deen's dog Bodine, or is it Bo-Deen sat on the table all the way through. She tells me he is her oracle and she always consults him about the important questions in her life like whethere to have cream or ice cream or both on her pie. He is one smart little doggie!

I first fell in love with Paula when I saw her eat a lasagna sandwich - not only was the piece of lasagna the size of a brick but it was nestled between two pieces of garlic bread:

As a self confessed glutton I would never be able to match Paula's insatiable appetite but as we became firm friends God knows I tried!

It was great having Paula over but I feel like I have gained 20 lb just looking at her cooking which is full fat and bursting with shortening. I really would love to her be a granny around the house because she is ridiculously cheerful but she said she was needed back home to roast a pig.

Dontcha just love her? Or who is your favourite celebrity cook?