The Krankies Reloaded

Think of all the famous double acts you know. Think of ...

The Krankies

Rod Hull and Emu

John Noakes and Shep

Posh and Becks

Well watch this space because there's a new double act in town. It's called Kaufmann and Martin and while I admit the name may need a bit of work myself and my co-author Gillian Martin are about to be launched into the publishing stratosphere. Why? Because we wrote a humorous parenting tome called Cocktails at Naptime together which will be published next year. Yes we're still reeling from the shock.

Now, I am currently in the depths of flu. And while I may be full of phlegm my phlegmatic days are well and truly behind me. I am ready to be upbeat, nay optimistic! We are ready to take the world by the horns and give it a bloody good shake.

When our book launches next year we will meet up in some country or other and may be shocked by the other's appearance. I have only talked to Gillian via cyberspace and the phone and my impressions of her is that she is a tiny pint sized Scot no heavier than maybe a chipmunk. I hope when we meet it will not be a case of Little and Large. Or Elf and Elephant.

I am here today, right here right now, to go all American on you. I am here to say: Don't give up. Never give up. Get knocked down ten times and get up eleven. There is a God. You can get published. Kaufmann and Martin. Watch this space!