Obamagasms All Round

I know JFK looked like a bullfrog, but he was a sexy bullfrog

One thing that I have never fully understood is people okay women who fancy Barack Obama. He is certainly not repulsive but he has the sexual allure of maybe a Ken doll. It's just that somehow I imagine sex with Obama to be totally politically correct. I'm referring to those rules in religious colleges in the USA where a young man on a date has to ask, "Is it okay if I put my hand on your breast through your sweater?" And if the girl doesn't answer in the affirmative you could find yourself doing jail time. Well it seems to me that Barack would be terribly touchy feely about it all. He would fiddle about for hours until you'd dozed off and then ask if he might enter your portal? There would be no animal sex, no sweat and no odd scratches and bruises that you have absolutely no recollection of getting - the badges of honor of truly spectacular sex.

Ken Doll Obama Style

Indeed, there are two polarities of sex and those polarities are in the red corner dim lights, Barry White CD on the turntable, two large glasses full of brandy and some edible underwear and in the green corner Wham Bam Thank You Mam which may or may include the phrase from the lady after it is all over of, "Oh I didn't know we had started." Personally I am a little closer to the green corner than the red.

In fact the dearth of he-man sex these days is probably the most insurmountable part of feminism. That it doesn't matter how much you want to love the idea of a house husband, a guy covered in flour simply does not give most ladies the horn. Nor does a man who is wet enough to say "Oh, let me get my hands on your mammary glands." (with the possible exception of Morrissey).

Posing about in these two corners there are two polarities of male which can best be summarized by Obama with his bottle of rose scented massage oil and JFK who probably thought 'foreplay' was a dirty word.

I don't think I have ever seen any such hormonal hysteria as amongst the mothers of my acquaintance pre-election who were running around with Obama Mama t-shirts panting, "Ooh I'd do him in a New York minute." I sincerly hope that they voted him in for his politics and not for the way he wore his trousers.

I read a spot on comment somewhere that said: "JFK's libido was like the Strategic Air Command, on permanent alert, meaning he'd spot a woman out the window, in a park, on a street and take her against the wall, while Jackie took to the White House trampoline." That perfectly sums up the allure of dear old JFK.

So what do you think, is Barack a symbol of the new sexless male? Is he a symbol of post-feminist, post-erection slump? Or does he ring your bell?