Tango Time

Now back in the USA and what a strange sensation. I feel exactly like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when she segues from the black and white start of the movie and wakes up in technicolor Munchkin Land. Because in Buenos Aires most people wear black, the vast majority of people have black hair, the buildings are mostly black and white, the smog from the traffic grimes everything dark, and it was winter and thus foggy and rainy. So it was a real shocker getting back to the USA and everything so clean, colorful and sunny, a dazzling assault on the senses. Buenos Aires is a slightly melancholy place it is true but I still love it.

On our arrival in Buenos Aires there was the slight indignity of being handed facemasks as we got off the plane. "Who do you think I am, Michael Jackson?" Emma asked which now seems like a joke in stunningly bad taste. After that the tour of Argentina hit all the right notes with Emma ....

This was the beautiful apartment we stayed in:

Going up in the funny lift:

Great cookies

Lots of jews so you need a Kosher McDonalds in Buenos Aires

Sausage as Bluebeard says: "I demand to have a kosher Big Mac or I will put a curse on you!"

Doing the tango

Girl drinking matte

Beautiful buildings and street markets selling funny junk

Dog walkers take twenty dogs at a time

Went to an artist's atelier and painted a portrait of Scarlett

Boat trip on Delta del Tigre river

Don't cry for me Argentina ...I'll be back. SOB.