Flap Trimming on the NHS

Okay, well I am gearing up for my trip to Argentina next week. I have had a Brazilian bikini wax and have stocked up with pills for the twenty hour flight with two kids - I think most of you will understand if I pack a few Valium, no?

I am also packing my binoculars so that I am sure to really get to see all the cultural sites in Buenos Aires such as:

These lads are from some Argentinian rugby team called "Los Pumas". And apparently the polo players are even sexier. Maybe I will 'Do a Barrantes' like Fergie's mum did.

Susan and Hector Barrantes

Remember Susan Barrantes, who got one sniff of polo player Hector Barrantes and bolted to Argentina with him in 1972? What a lark, eh?

If you find you are feeling withdrawal symptoms from my caustic wit while I am in South America don't fret pet - I am writing for a fabulous new site called Powder Room Graffiti. Check out my article on Designer Vaginas about the current mania for trimming one's flaps. My pal MsMarmitelover told me via twitter that she has a friend in the UK who had her flaps trimmed on the NHS, apparently she only had "slightly uneven flaps, not that I saw. She had a phobia about it, so our govt paid for her flaps to be trimmed. Nice eh?" I am sure Electro Kevin will be spitting blood when he hears about this waste of public or should that be pubic funds, eh Kev?

Anyway if I don't see you before I take off do wish me bon voyage!