I wanna touch your Spandex

Panic!! What to wear to the 80s tribute band The Legwarmers concert tonight???

Okay I look hot but maybe lose the Pacamac?

And the hat

Okay, wow, yes, shoulderpads are go!

Okay, here we are at the venue. Why is everyone so freaking young? And why do I feel so old?

"Hey, Babyface, what you doing here? I mean, were you even born in the eighties?"
"No, but I was an ovum."

"Hey Babycakes, do you mind if I touch your rock hard head of hair?"
"Not at all. Go ahead Lady, make my day."

Do you remember the pungent smell of 80's hair gel? .... mmm ... the scent of industrial waste ... it's all coming back to me ... slow dance at the disco, getting fingers stuck in a very stiff gel-caked flat top? Anyone want to share their sentimental 80's memories??