Bad Sex Book Competition!!

Hi everyone!! I always have several balls in the air and at the moment I am working on a book proposal on Funny Sexual Disaster Stories.

Now, some of them will be my own sexual disasters including:

The man who wore children's pajamas and bit me all over

The flatmate who used to have sex through clingfilm

If you have any hilarious dating or sex stories do please send your stuff to emmakcontact@[remove]

Now, the other aspect I need help with is the title. I need a kiss ass title that is obscene, catchy and sums up the theme of the book. I thought of Tickling the G-Spot, The Funny Side of Sex, but I feel that doesn't er, quite hit the spot.

So I am launching a Bad Sex Book Title Competition which will run until Thursday at 12.00 EST. The winner of the best book title will win my eternal devotion, some nude pictures of myself emailed to them* and some copies of the book.

Please send me your titles! I am bracing myself.


*this is a baldfaced lie I'm afraid