Never Mind the Kneesocks Here's the Schoolgirl Pistols

I recently had some old Super Eight films transferred to DVD and uncovered this gem. It stars me aged eleven with some pals doing Tight Fit's In the Jungle. This ditty was also performed on a school trip to Butlin's Bognor Regis. The school trip was primarily remembered for a disco where Tony Simm's french kissed Emily Saunders and put his hand up her top and they both got shit for it (bear in mind this was a Catholic School run by nuns!) The other reason the holiday in Bognor will go down in history is that our performance at the Talent Show won us Second Prize!

I think that when you view this video it is pretty obvious that we were hugely talented and could easily have become an 80s version of The Spice Girls. But it was not to be - it was a typical rock and roll story gone bad. Our band was formed in the last year at primary school - we exploded onto the scene at Butlin's to massive acclaim. Then alas the band split as we all went on to different secondary schools and drifted apart. I often wonder where they all are now and whether the history of pop music might have been entirely different had we all gone on to the same secondary school.

And what about you? Did you ever enter a talent contest as a kid? What did you perform, did you win a prize and do you have pictures?

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