Apart from Benny Hill, has anyone noticed that the past is not littered with fat celebs? Fat was persona not grata. Fat people were, well, like the elephant in the room.

In the seventies, say, you could well have seen glamour pusses like Joan Collins saying "Got an amphetamine pill? I need to lose six pounds by Friday." And no one batted a false eyelash.

God I love the seventies. Yes, Ayds, a brand name that wouldn't resonate very well these days, was marketed by glamorous Hollywood movie stars throughout the early 1970s.

And if you still had a few extra rolls, they would soon be smoothed out by the Punkt-roller, the suction-cupped rolling pin that also made fantastic cookies?

Got a gut on you that don't look good? Who you gonna call? Punkt-roller!

Oh yes, throughout time, fat was demonized and pummelled to death with Punkt-rollers and well it should have been. Then in recent years, things spiralled out of control, models became wafers, women became anorexics and things went a bit nuts. Now every woman is on a fad diet, trying to get down to some unrealistic weight. Which is, okay, wrong.

What we have right now can be coined as cultural schizophrenia. On the one hand we have the largely anorexic models used to sell clothes. On the other we have celebrities who eat one celery stick per day like Posh Spice saying that she is going to use Daniella Sarahyba, a curvy model (translation, stick with tits) to model her new fashion line and is against a size 0 model modelling them although Posh herself is a size 0.

Daniella Sarahyba - Posh's idea of curvy!

The reasoning: 'Victoria wants to give out a positive image that you don't have to be ultra skinny to look good. Many of the models on the catwalk make young girls feel insecure about their own bodies. Victoria doesn't want to be accused of giving young girls a complex about their image and putting pressure on them to be as skinny as her.', a source told the media.

If she cares so much why doesn't Posh eat? This really is a big deal because young minds are easily influenced by the media and sometimes even my eight year old will ask me, "Mum, am I fat?"

On the other hand, we have the strange new idea poking its head up that you should 'accept yourself as you are' and in fact that fat can be gorgeous. Which is in its own way just as terrible an idea as the 'starve yourself' school of thought.

The trendy new magazine LOVE puts hot new fat model Beth Ditto on its cover and tries to tell us that fat is now cool. May I humbly suggest that this photo does not glorify Beth Ditto but presents her as a total freak show?

Look, let me reiterate: being fat is not okay. Aesthetics aside you are putting yourself at risk of a host of diseases which can be avoided if you kept yourself at a healthy weight. I don't need a bunch of fatsos writing to me and telling me how hard it is to lose weight. So what if it's hard? I'm ten pounds overweight but I'm working on it. It's hard to do it without laxatives, but why not try? Anything than to give in to the idea that Fat is Flab.

And while I think that most 'quick fix' weight loss cures are stupid I don't want to live in a world where fat is considered fabulous. I simply don't want to open a porn mag one day to be confronted by this: