2008: What a Tripp it was ...

All right lads and lasses, I know you're gagging for my round up of the Worst of 2008. So here you go:

Worst Name of 2008: Tripp (born to Bristol Palin):

Funniest Ad of 2008:

LeatherCreations, a Chicago-area furniture store, took out a quarter-page ad in Thursday's Chicago Tribune: "We sell more seats than the Governor!" Hopefully after he gets out of prison, Blagojevich will have a lucrative career in endorsements.

Worst Outfits of 2008:

Paula Adbul finally breaks down and admits: "I am the bastard child of Adam Ant and Captain Pugwash."

Katie Holmes hangs her head in shame after being released from the police station after being charged for a fashion violation that involved wearing footless leggings, stilletos and cut offs:

Madonna finally goes mad: "Okay so I forgot to trim my pubes, maybe if I strap on this piece of astroturf I'll cover the worst of my bush?"

Funniest Old Man Making a ratarsed tit of himself with 23 year old girl (Paul Weller 'sings'):here.

Worst/most painful sex toy used on a Russian Billionaire 2008: Naomi Campbell

So that's it folks. Have a disease free New Years Eve and do yourself a favor and lay off the tequila.

Love and hugs