Remember You're A Womble

I've been tagged by Scottish sex god Inchy to do this meme and because he once posted some pics of himself in kinky boots as a special favor to me, I will. He asks, name your most embarrassing record/cd/track ever?

To which my only reply is, where do I start and where do I end? I have very corny tastes in music indeed. I like pop music with a good tune, and I'm not ashamed to say I love Abba in a non-ironic way.

Now, I don't have an iPod and wouldn't know what to do with one, or more likely would drop it down the toilet by accident. I will always be loyal to vinyl and think CDs are an aesthetic abomination, thus I only have maybe ten. And all the albums and singles I own are currently stored in my husband's parents garage in Ireland, so its safe to say I don't actually listen to anything I once had. There is a ray of hope though for Luddites like me who do not want to get into bed with the iPod. I believe some record companies have actually started producing vinyl again so I live in hope that record players will make a comeback too.

But casting my mind back, some people might say that the most embarrassing record I have is a Wombles album, but I still maintain that they were kind of cool. I saw the Wombles live when I was five and went crazy for them. They were years ahead of their times: furry eco-freaks who collected rubbish on Wimbledon Common for reasons best known to themselves. So maybe that album isn't the most embarrassing.

A strong contender is a single I bought, Save All Your Kisses For Me by The Brotherhood of Man, which is a love song to a three year old. Tragically, this still makes me tear up when I hear it because I remember vividly how I was always singing it when I was five. But I suppose you could say it is atrocious, especially the guys' outfits.

Other than that, I guess the worst song I have is one on the compilation album Now that's What I call Music, No. 1 from 1983, Will Powers' Kissing With Confidence which sounds like a bunch of caterwauling cats:

The terrible lyrics include:

You may also find yourself worrying about what will happen once you are in the act of kissing. Will your stomach growl? Will your braces lock? Will you be able to prolong the kiss and still breathe?

Will I spoil it with my overbite?
Will our noses bump in the moonlight?
When our lips meet, will they fit right?

I have to be honest, I have never worried about kissing anyone for the first time. I suppose, that is because I was usually mildy inebriated.

I now tag Clyde, Scarlet Blue, Electro-Kev, fingers and VE.